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Tenerife Travel Guide

Wines in Tenerife

Tenerife Wines is widely known worldwide due to the Canary Islands are a wine-producing region since earlier periods of history, currently there are five major wine growing regions and several wineries: Abona (7 wineries), Valle de Guimar(10 wineries), Valle de La Orotava(21 wineries), Tacoronte-Acentejo(42 wineries)and Icoden-Daute-Isora.

When you want some wine, you may ask for red wine (the sweetest one), rose wine or white wine (Vino Tinto, Vino Rosado, Vino Blanco in Spanish) and to ask for one you can say “una copa de vino Tinto/ Rosado/ Blanco, por favor” that means “a glass of wine, please”. However, bars aren’t the only places where you can find wine, because supermarkets sell cartons of wine (1 lt.) for over 1 Euro, then you’ll receive a small glass of red or white wine with your meal (it’s a tradition).

Tenerife Grapes Vineyard surface

Due to the great production of grape in the wine-growing regions, there are also a range of wineries, some of them are:
  • Bodega El LomoCrta El Lomo, s/n 38280 Tegueste (Tenerife)
  • Union de Viticultores del Valle de la OrotavaCrtaOrotava-Los Realejos, km 45 38300 La Orotava-La Perdoma
  • Bodega Cueva del ReyCamino Cueva del Rey, 8 38430 Icod de los Vinos
  • Bodegas Socas Crta General del Norte, km 53 38430 Icod de los Vinos
  • Bodega Comarcal Valle de Güimár Subido los Loros, km 4 38550 Arafo
  • Bodegas Monje Camino Cruz de Leandro, 36 38359 El Sauza

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