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Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife Art Galleries

Tenerife is a city full of culture, you’ll find several art-related museums scattered around the city, especially around Santa Cruz de Tenerife that hosts some of the most notable art galleries and photographic galleries throughout the year.Below we offer some of the most notable and popular art-related museums and art galleries, its addresses and useful information:

Some Art Galleries in Tenerife

Municipal Museum of Fine Arts: c/ José Murphy, 12. Santa Cruz
This museum hosts an important art collection of paintings and some interesting sculptures in separate rooms and galleries; the museum also promotes local artists with permanent exhibitions of artists from all over Canary Islands.

La Recova Arts Centre - Plaza de la Madera, Santa Cruz
This art centre features extensive art galleries with paintings and sculptures from notable local artists, it worth a visit because is considered one of the main centers for arts.

Museum of Contemporary Art Plaza de Santo Domingo, Garachico
Located in Santo Domingo Convent features a mix of temporary and permanent expositions of local artists and other Spanish artists; the gallery includes sculptures, paintings, and other types of craft.

Museum of Open-Air Contemporary Art Rambla General Franco and García Sanabria Park, Adeje
You may enjoy of artworks from outside with the range of sculptures scattered along the Rambla General Franco to the Garcia Sanabria Park.

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