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Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife Art Exhibitions

Art lovers have also plenty of options for enjoy their trip to Tenerife because there are unique art Exhibitions that can be considered as highlights of the city. The main art scene can be located around Santa Cruz de Tenerife area and you’ll find more than art galleries, art production is in the whole island, so every place you see, you’ll find some art.

Tenerife art can be easily found and some of its best representatives are:

Art Exhibitions Tenerife Art Museum

AnandRubai, she produces energetic and inspired collage aquarelle works of Tenerife attractions, paintings adapted to interior designs, cards, invitations and more. Julio Puentes is Famous for portraits and caricatures of people and you can found him and see some of his works in Paseo San Telmo, Tenerife.

Most artists in Tenerife are sponsored by restaurants that exhibit the art works without charging a cent; one of the most famous restaurants is Las Palmeras Arte Restaurant. Another great place to enjoy some art or even to see private art studios; it is Puerto de la Cruz with the gallery Calleton de las Cabras (it sounds very funny in Spanish).

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