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Tenerife Travel Guide

Sports in Tenerife

Sports on the island of Tenerife are practice widely, either indoors and outdoors; you may find that people in Tenerife practice some Football as most of the rest of Spain and in the island is the most practiced and followed, they also have several football teams and the most important is the club Deportivo Tenerife. People in Tenerife also practice swimming either in pools or on the shores of Tenerife, due to its favorable location, water sports are very popular in Tenerife. Such as: Surf, windsurfing and kitesurf, diving, boating and others.

Sports practiced in Tenerife also include motor sports and aerial sports like Parapente; other sports practiced are: Roller Hockey, Basketball, Hiking, and golf with the extensive golf courses, nine golf courses, and other facilities that the city offers; Athletics is also a popular sports and the Club Atletismo Tenerife Caja Canarias is the most noted club in the Island.

Stick fighting Lucha Canaria

Typical sports in Tenerife

Apart from the wide range of world wide-known sports practiced in Tenerife youíll find several sports developed in Tenerife, which are called Canarian sports, some of them are:

Canarian Wrestling:

Lucha Canaria in Spanish, itís considered as the most popular sport in Tenerife, itís practiced between two fighters in a circle, both wrestlers must try to make the opponent touch the floor first with any part of their body aside from the feet, then he wins. Tenerife organizes several competitions throughout all year in the island.

Canarian Boules:

Bola Canaria in Spanish, itís a funny game pretty similar to the boules (Petanque), a French game, this sport consists on bowling balls as close to an objective as possible, and unlike the boules, la Bola Canaria uses heavier boules and the playing area is bigger; then you gain points. Tenerife has several clubs of this sport.

Herdmenís Leap:

Itís a traditional sport in Spanish the Salto del Pastor, this spectacular sport dates back to aboriginal inhabitants, who used specialized mean of transportation; nowadays people use sharp metal points called regaton, itís a popular sport and a tradition too.

Lifting stones:

The pulseo de piedras in Spanish, according to legends this sport derives from the strength of aborigines in lifting heavy stones using several techniques; such as lifting they as high as possible or throwing them as far as possible. Currently the sport is practice just for tradition, because might be dangerous.

Pulling Loads with Cattle:

The arrastre de Ganado in Spanish, is an important piece in Tenerife traditions, itís a rural sport practiced many centuries in time. This sport consists in a competition to see which team can pull a sledge with 100-kilogram faster.

Stick fighting:

Juego del Palo in Spanish, itís a martial art since ancient times in Tenerife, in which two combatants armed with wooden sticks fight holding the sticks in both hands. Tenerife has several schools and clubs of this sport.

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