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Tenerife Travel Guide

Shopping in Tenerife

Shopping in Tenerife is one of the most popular activities among tourists, maybe you would like to discover the places where to buy different stuffs, but we make easier this hard task for you by providing you trusted information on selected places where to buy and what to buy in Tenerife, because as you walk through the city youíll notice the numerous department stores, shopping centers and shopping streets and districts.

Most Tenerife shopping streets are in a pedestrian zone, so itís a pleasant activity to walk and take your time while shopping. You will find markets and department stores where you will find all you are looking for and other specialty stores that offer specific products. Generally shopping opening hours start at 9:00 am onwards and itís from Monday to Saturday except in main tourist areas where shops usually open on Sunday.

Some popular Markets are

  • Torviscas Market (Saturday) and Los Cristionos (Sunday): These are very popular places where youíll surely find all youíre looking for from clothing to electrics, souvenirs and even properties.
  • African Market: In Spanish: Nuestra SeŮora de Africa is a Famous Bazaar where you will find fresh local products at bargain prices.
  • Casa Lercaro Orotava: Itís located in La Orotava district, famous for its great variety of local produce even wine tasting.
  • Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque (Plaza del Duque Shopping Centre): Located in Adeje town, this Shopping Centre includes over 40 shops together and several restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Alcampo la Villa Shopping Centre: Itís a remarkable shopping centre near Santa Cruz and hosts numerous shops.
  • Continente Centro Commercial (Continente Shopping Centre): Continente Shopping Centre has over 150 stores and a huge variety of products that include homeware stores, fashion boutiques, fast-food, restaurants, and more.
shopping in Tenerife
Shopping in Tenerife
La Recova de Tenerife
La Recova de Tenerife

Specialty shops

  • Guaza Sunday Market: Itís a Sunday Market, in which youíll find second hand books and clothes or some old CDs or videos.
  • Tenerife Pearl: In this market youíll find exclusive shops devoted to pearls and jewelry.
  • The Wine House: Casa del vino in Spanish, itís the perfect place to sample quality wines of Tenerife with some food and even learn about the wine production in Tenerife.
  • Leroy Merlin: Itís the perfect place for all green and horticultural things because it counts with a range of plants and a beautiful natural scenery
Shopping in Tenerife is a great experience not only because of the products and shopping centers, also due to the low taxes that shoppers should take advantage and get great bargains.

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