Tenerife travel guide


Tenerife Travel Guide

Public Transports in Tenerife

As in many cities in Spain, Tenerife includes a well-organized public transportation system. It is actually the fastest and cheapest way to visit the city properly. In fact, the island of Tenerife has interurban lines that are really convenient for many tourists who want to visit different sites in this large island.

The buses in Tenerife are quite modern; they include air-conditioned and pretty comfortable spaces. In addition, each bus offers an efficient and full service. The fares are not expensive and travelers can find several discount tickets available in many establishments such as bookshops, bus stations and other specific outlets.

By train around Tenerife
By bus around Tenerife

TITSA is an important and solid bus company that has an outstanding reputation and it operates in Tenerife since 1884. This transport company began with only a horse and a single carriage that had a transporting capacity of five people. Initially, the company had a single daily trip from La Laguna to Santa Cruz and vice versa.

However, there is another interesting option for transportation in Tenerife. We are talking about taxi companies. In fact, the city of Tenerife has a large number of taxi companies. In this fashion, it is really easy to find a taxi in the city.

Although, the taxis in Tenerife can be really safe and they are a fast way of transportation in the city, they can be a little bit expensive. Once in the airport, tourists have to avoid taking random taxis in order not to pay high fees. Check the additional information below that includes two important taxi companies in Tenerife:

Asociacion del Taxi
  • Panama Street (Buenos Aires neighborhood) Santa Cruz
  • Phone: (+34-922-210-532)
  • Fax: (+34-922-232-267)
  • Flor de Pascua 10 (Santiago del Teide Radio Taxis)
  • Acantilado de los Gigantes
  • Phone: (+34-922-86-16-27)
  • E-mail: taxi_losgigantes@hotmail.com

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