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Plaza de España

Plaza España - Tenerife The Plaza de España is one of the key points in Tenerife. This plaza is the largest of Tenerife and Canary Islands. The Plaza España was built in 1929 over the historical building of San Cristobal's Castle. This castle was designed to defend the island against piracy. People can still find some walls of the original building in a subterranean gallery under this plaza. The plaza de España is located between the Plaza de la Candelaria and the Maritima Avenue. This plaza features the Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena, which was built in 1787; a marble fountain, and the largest green zone among Tenerife’s plazas.

Square - Tenerife The plaza de España is classified as "Plaza de Interés Insular". This plaza opens up onto the sea, in its centre stands the Monument to the Fallen in the Spanish Civil War, with bronze sculptures by Enrique Cesar Zadivar, a classic Spanish artist. The monument, equipped with a lift inside its obelisk, is crowned by a tower which offers a magnificent view of the water-front and the harbor area. Its green zone has several native plans such as flamboyanes, pandanos, jacarandas, cocos plumoso, palmera pigmea, arecas and other species.

The plaza has been modified form its original design, the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron were responsible to make this task. The Plaza de España currently has an artificial lake with a geyser. Its floor is dry marble mixed with resin. The plaza counts with an excellent lighting, its lights have an exclusive design. They have the shape of a raindrop and are attached by wires placed between several posts. These architects also designed the subterranean gallery, where people can still visits the ancient castle of San Cristobal.

Plaza of Tenerife The Plaza de España is the perfect place to start a walking tour. Numerous events take place is the plaza. In 1987, durign the Carnival, the Plaza de España claimed a place in the Guinness Book of Records, when over 200000 people attended an open air dance in this place. The plaza de España occupies an important place among the main touristic attractions of Tenerife and people have several reasons to visit it. If you take a trip to Tenerife, you must not forget to pass by this plaza.

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