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Piramides de Guimar

The “Pirámides de Güímar- Ethnographic Park” are located in the Chacona district in the town of Güímar, Tenerife (Canary Islands) 26 kilometers from Santa Cruz.

Piramides - Tenerife The Pyramids of Güímar are six rectangular pyramid-shaped, terraced structures built from lava stone, without the use of mortar. They have been datedto the 19th century and their original purposehas been explained as a by product of agricultural techniques.

It is said that there were more of its kind throughout the whole island but with time, they were dismantled and used as cheap building material. On this area, there were nine pyramids of this kind and now there are only six left. These similar structures were identified as "Paredones,""Morras," "Majanos" or "Molleros."

To get there by car:
  • From the north, you shall take the TF-1 Motorway and take the Arafo Exit on the 19 km point.
  • From the south, you shall take the same Motorway (towards Santa Cruz), take the “Puertito de Güímar” exit at 23km point, and drive up to the district of Chacona.

  • The coordinates are 29º19’19” N and 16º24’45” W.

    Prices for residents are:
    • Adults:7.60 €
    • Children (9-12 years old):4.35 €
    • Children under nine years old: Free
    • Plus audio services: 1.70 €

    Prices for non-residents:
    • Adults:10.50 €
    • Children (9-12 years old):5.25 €
    • Children under nine years old: Free
    • Plus audio services: 1.70 €

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