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Tenerife Travel Guide

Museo Militar Regional

Museu do Indio - Tenerife The “Museo Militar Regional” or Regional Military Museum, installed in 1988 in the headquarters of Almeida, exhibits objects related to military history in the Canary Islands. Its most outstanding feature, is without the shadow of a doubt, the cannon “El Tigre.” Tradition claims this piece of artillery took Captain Nelson’s right arm when he attempted to invade the city on July 25, 1797.

Uniforms and personal objects of renowned military men are shown along the scale models of old military constructions that put this museum among the best Investigation Centers of Historical Cartography in the Canary Islands.

The museum visit information:
  • Address: San Isidro St., 1 (Castillo de Almeida) Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • PhoneNumber: 922 843 500
  • Fax: 922 249 504
  • It opens: From Monday to Saturday
  • Opening time: from 10:00 to 14 hrs.
  • Free entrance

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