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Centro de Fotografía, Isla de Tenerife

Isla de Tenerife The “centro de Fotografia Isla de Tenerife” was created in order to:

“…Tratar de impulsar vertientes de la creación artística de enorme potencial de expresión contemporánea, y en el rescate y preservación del patrimonio de Tenerife de imágenes…”

Which roughly translates to:

“…Attemptto boost the contemporary artistic creation of huge potential, and save and preserve the photographic patrimony in Tenerife…”

This photography center is located in the in a neoclassical building called “Centro de Arte La Recova”, and it offers an annual exposition of works that mix artworks from the local contributors along the creations of well-known artists. The “Centro de Fotografia” possesses several historic objects that are highly valued collections as well as artworks from different artists.

The principal goals of this center are:
  • To make the photographic culture popular
  • To conserve and rescue the photographic patrimony
  • To promote the artistic creation
  • To make known the social and cultural reality of Tenerife
We recommend that you visit this magnificent educational building.

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