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Castillo de San Juan

El Castillo de San Juan Bautista (Castle of John Baptist) was the second most important defense of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, because after the discovery of the new world it became victim of repeated attacks during 16th century and people suggested the construction of a fort and with the success of the first fort they continued building other forts for the security of the town.

San Juan - Tenerife The Castillo de San Juan Bautista, or the Black Castle as it is known due to the black basalt rock basis that can be seen and for being located in the Caleta de Negros, it was built in 1641 and reconstructed in 1765 due to the wave erosion. Visitors can locate it in the southern part of the city; behind the Auditorio de Tenerife.

Visitors can enjoy of a short walk along the waterfront southwest of the city while they observe the Castle being overshadowed by the magnificent, soaring white wave of the Auditorio de Tenerife. Due to its distances you’ll have the opportunity to visit both of them at once and if you have the time, try to arrive here each year on July because there is a commemoration of the July 25 battle, when Horatio Nelson tried to invade the city.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has several attractions for visitors all ages, which will fulfill any taste and budget and you’ll find other buildings similar to the Castillo de San Juan across the city, such as: the Castillo de San Andres and the Castillo de San Cristobal, both located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and both built to protect the city against enemies.

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