Tenerife travel guide


Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife monuments

Tenerife monuments reflect the culture and skills of people in Tenerife since ancient periods of its history; because the city has been able to guard the treasures of its past in every corner of the city. Palaces, churches, sanctuaries, and other monumental art works in Tenerife have the admiration of people from all over the world that just looking around are able to retrace the history and admire its beauty.

The north of Tenerife is characterized by having the most ancient monuments such as: Conception Church considered as a National monument with its Baroque style, the house Lercar is abn antiquity with Baroque style and strict symmetry; and Liceo Taoro.

There are several monuments, which would be worth to visit; some of the most popular Tenerife monuments include: La Laguna Cathedral, Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Canary Island Courtyard, La Plaza de Espaņa, and The Basilica of Candelaria. In this Tenerife Travel Guide, we explore some of the most visited monuments such as: Auditorio de Tenerife, Castillo de San Juan, Iglesia de San Francisco among others.

Most Important Museums in Tenerife

Castillo de San Juan

Castillo de San Juan

The San Juan Castle of the Tenerife Island, is the second most important defense monument of Santa Cruz.
Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco

The San Francisco Church is one of the major symbols of the religion in the island.

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