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Tenerife Travel Guide

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Tenerife excursions are a pretty good way to know this destination, and due to the beautiful landscapes and natural attractions in several regions of the island, it’s almost a magic experience. Whether you are going to travel, north, south, east or west, there’ll be an experienced local tour company that provides opportunities to enjoy some moments in the nature.

Other excursions we recommend are

  • To the south of the island: You can find several regions to visit in Tenerife such as Candelaria, a pilgrimage place; Guimar; Los Cristianos that has beautiful sandy beaches with great opportunities to sunbath and enjoy some quality time in family.

  • To the Center of Tenerife we must consider a visit to The Teide, the third highest island volcano and the highest mountain of Spain. This place offers all facilities to enjoy of a pleasant visit, there’s a cable car from which you can get awesome photos.

  • The North of Tenerife offers incredible areas to enjoy green nature such as: La Laguna, Chamorga, ElSauzal. If you’re interested in Beaches, San Andres is the perfect location, where you’ll find one of the few white beaches of the island.

However, the places listed before are just a little piece off all that Tenerife offers for visitors, so we also recommend you to visit Santa Cruz especially not only due to the beautiful landscapes and city-panorama but also due to the great activities in which you can participate.

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