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Tenerife Travel Guide

Ruta de las Esculturas

Tenerife is well-known around the world for having the most spectacular and exclusive resorts with perfect beaches and fresh marine breeze in the Atlantic Ocean. Nonetheless, this exotic island possesses many cultural and artistic aspects that travelers can see around the territory of Tenerife.

The island holds several museums, theaters, art galleries and concerts. In fact, as a big example of the magnificent artistic manifestation in Tenerife we can mention the Ruta de las Esculturas (The Route of the Sculptures.)

Ruta de Esculturas The Route of the Sculptures is basically the most important pedestrian route in Tenerife because of its interesting features. This touristic site is guarded by big and powerful trees and it is next to the famous Ramblas de Santa Cruz Avenue.

This interesting route crosses the city and it is considered as the first open air art gallery or museum in the island. In fact, in 1973 La Ruta de las Esculturas (Route of the Sculptures) was the venue for the 1st Global artistic exhibition of street sculpture.

Consequently, thanks to this sculpture exhibition of fine art work and the donation of many Spanish artists such as Henry Moore and Joan Miró, the artistic patrimony of Tenerife was enriched dramatically and the local cultural commission decided to create the Official College of Technical Architects. As we mentioned before, the majority of artistic masterpieces that is shown in the route were significant donations of renowned artists.

Visitors can see the magnificent pieces in different avenues along this route such as the Asuncionistas Avenue, the Rambla Avenue, los Reyes Católicos Avenue and the Sanabria Park. The most important artworks in the Ruta de las Esculturas (Route of the Sculptures) include “La Femme Bouteille” created by Joan Miro in 1983, “Ejecutores y Ejecutados” elaborated by Xavier Corberó in 1935, the “Goslar Warrior” produced by Henry Moore and the “Lady Tenerife” created by Martin Chirino, just to mention a few.

Fortunately, almost the majority of travel agencies offer travel packages for this area; so, there is hardly an excuse to not visit this route.

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