Tenerife travel guide


Tenerife Travel Guide


Masca Tenerife Masca is a singular area that is situated in the Norwest part of Tenerife. This picturesque village is the favorite tourist destination for many photographers who want to capture the most stunning and spectacular landscapes of the zone.

Although this place is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the entire island, it is a little bit complicated to reach this town due to its mountainous terrain. However, a lot of tourists from diverse countries around the planet visit the town each year.

In addition, Masca is quite attractive and famous in Tenerife due to its natural beauty that includes colorful flora, diverse fauna, lush cliffs and deep valleys. Few years ago, Masca was unknown to local and foreign people but now it is the second most visited places in Tenerife after the Mount Teide.

Masca - Tenerife The town of Masca is located only a few kilometers away from Santiago del Teide (one hour approximately.) There are several small districts around the region. Local people in Masca are generally friendly to foreigners; in fact, the village atmosphere is warm and pleasant.

They invite travelers cultivated fruits such as tangerines, apples and oranges. The small Masca bay is quite famous in the island for being the den of pirates in ancient times. It takes at least three hours to get there by foot.

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