Tenerife travel guide


Tenerife Travel Guide

How to get to Tenerife

Tenerife is an exotic island in the Atlantic Ocean; so, the best way to get there is by plane. Fortunately, there are two big and modern airports in Tenerife, such as Los Rodeos airport located on the north side and the airport Reina Sofia situated on the south side.

Los Rodeos airport receive all kinds of Spanish domestic flights and the Reina Sofia airport receives international flights only. The Reina Sofia airport receives almost nine million people each year.

Moreover, these important airports in Tenerife are open the 24 hours and visitors can find inside several ATMs, banks, and offices with tourist or car rental information inside the airports. There are several buses near both airports that offer transportation service to other parts of the town. However, foreigners have to bear in mind that the service is from 6.00 until midnight.

By air get Tenerife
By air get Tenerife
By ferries to Tenerife
By ferries to Tenerife

Once tourists get in Tenerife, they have the chance to visit the most paradisiacal and stunning resorts such as Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos, the Costa Adeje and Los Gigantes on the south of the island.

Even though the most common way to get to Tenerife is by air, you can get there by sea. In fact, this way of transportation is becoming an interesting option to people who want to visit Tenerife.

There are two main seaports in the island (Santa Cruz and los Cristianos) and two excellent sea lines companies: Naviera Armas and Trasmediterranea that offer daily trips to and from the island. In order to provide further information, here are some additional details below:
  • Los Rodeos Airport
    San Cristobal de la Laguna 38297 (Tenerife, Spain)
    Phone: (0034-902-404-704) (0034-913-211-000)

  • Reina Sofia International Airport
    Granadilla de Abona 38610 (Tenerife, Spain)
    Phone: (0034-902-404-704) (0034-913-211-000)

  • Trasmediterránea shipping company
    La Marina Street 38001 (Santa Cruz, Tenerife)
    Phone: (0034-922-842-200) (0034-922-842-209) www.trasmediterranea.es

  • Naviera Armas
    Darsena de Anaga Street / Muelle de Enlace (Santa Cruz, Tenerife)
    Phone: (0034-922-534-052)

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