Tenerife travel guide


Tenerife Travel Guide

Hotels in Tenerife

Tenerife offers a different accommodation to fit every taste and budget. We guarantee you’ll be able to find an appropriate hotel or suite for you.

The island offers the following kind of lodgings:
  • Hotels: From three to five star resorts and hotels, with services that include everything from a wedding service to in-room microwaves or safe box facilities.
  • Hostels: These types of establishments are better fit to accommodate groups travelling with a low budget; they offer cheaper prices than a hotel but do not have as many facilities as well.
  • Apartments: There are large chains that offer this kind of accommodation that may result more convenient, affordable, private and secure than the aforementioned options.
  • Cottages: These new accommodations are growing trendy on the island.
  • Camping: The cheapest option, although hard to find around the island.

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