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Holy Week in Oratava

Semana Santa - Tenerife Spain is considered as a country with a strong catholic heritage. In this fashion, the most popular and respected celebration around its cities and towns is the Holly week. Each city has a particular way to celebrate this important day in Spain. As an example we can mention the city of Oratava. The Oratava is a popular town situated in the north Coast of Tenerife Island in the Atlantic Ocean. This interesting city is home to one of the most important celebrations in Spain. We are talking about the Holly week in Oratava.

The festivity begins each Thursday morning with a floral work and the presentation of monuments until the ending of the day. This artistic work is elaborated by local people in order to be blessed for the entire year, and it is prepared with many days of anticipation to go along with the procession of the Santisimo Sacramento throughout the principal neighborhoods in Oratava.

Spain holy week Thousands of faithful Catholics visit the area to pray and worship God. In addition, people can contemplate the magnificent artistic and Catholic work that was prepared with a high dedication from different parts of the town. On Thursday afternoon, local people start the preparations to the “Cena del Señor” (Lord´s Supper). After that, local people go to the principal churches to listen the preaching of the priest.

On Thursday night, the entire population of the city gathers together in the San Juan Bautista Church at 10:00 PM to be part of the most expected activity during the celebration days. We are talking about the procession Del Santisimo Cristo de la Columna. On Friday, there are two important catholic processions called The Jesus de Nazareno procession and the procession del Santisimo Cristo del Calvario. The first one, starts at 8:00 AM from Santo Domingo Parish Church in the morning and the second one, starts from the Calvario Church, at noon.

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