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Fiesta de San Andres

San Andres is a blessed town that is located on the Anaga mountain slope. It only takes 10 kilometers to get from Santa Cruz to San Andres. Travelers who are planning to visit Tenerife have to consider getting to San Andres because there are amazing things to know and to do there. In fact, San Andres is a friendly and lovely city that is full of energy and emotion.

Spain celebrations One of the best times to visit this charming town is probably during the last days of November. During this time, the city becomes into wild, colorful, noisy, happy and a little bit crowded due to an interesting Festival called The Festival of San Andres.

This celebration takes place on November 30th. This festivity is actually a celebration for your palate because in this special day all the wine cellar opens their gates to the public to try the new bottles of wine. The Festival of San Andres is well-celebrated in areas where the wine production is high such as San Juan de la Rambla, Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava and Icod de los Vinos.

San Andres - Tenerife Visitors can participate in several attractive parades with shiny costumes and fancy jewelry. In addition, foreigners and locals can try the most exquisite and varied gastronomy of the island.

The Festival de San Andres is a popular celebration where people from different ages have the opportunity to participate and enjoy the celebration. In the Eve of the festivity, kids go outside their houses and carry pots, pans, tins or any metal stuff to make a lot of noise as much as they can. This part of the festivity is quite interesting and particular and it is called Arrastre los cachorros.

Throughout the celebration, people from different parts of the island and different parts of the world bring other useless metallic stuff and leave them in the Plaza del Charco that form a big assembled junk. This seems, at first, a good practice in Tenerife to maintain the environment clean by recycling garbage. However, this popular activity is more than an environmental action. It is part of a strong and historical tradition of the island.

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