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Fiesta del Gran poder

Fiesta del Gran Poder Probably one of the most attractive features in Tenerife is the large number of fantastic, colorful and interesting religious celebrations that occur in the island during the entire year. As an example we can mention, the Virgen del Carmen, the Virgen de los Remedios, the Corpus Christy celebrations and la Fiesta del Gran Poder. The latter is quite interesting and singular because is the continuation of the Virgen del Carmen festival.

La Fiesta del Gran Poder is a cultural expression of the local people that has gained a strongly popularity during the last years. Each neighborhood in Tenerife celebrates the Fiesta del Gran Poder according to its own personal expression toward their patron El Señor del Gran Poder. This popular religious celebration takes places the same day of the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo festivity, July 16th. As we’ve mentioned before, it attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of Spain and the world.

Gran Poder - Tenerife During the celebration, visitors can enjoy several amusing activities such as Canarian Dance performances, concerts of local folk bands, the crowning of the queen of Tenerife, sporty events and the central and important procession of the Gran Poder. In addition, tourists can form part of the popular “Sardinada” where local people prepare grill fish in order to share with unknown people for free. At the end of the celebration, the visitors will see a spectacle of fireworks.

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