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Festivals in Tenerife

Tenerife knows how to party and celebrate, and festivals are a sample of that because Tenerife art, music, and film are combined, this region of Spain has a well-organized cultural agenda full of festivals that take place in different seasons of year. One of the most popular is the festival that takes place in February and every corner of Tenerife celebrates as if there was no tomorrow.

Due to its numerous festivals, in this guide we cannot list every single Tenerife celebration because itíll take several days to read.

Some of Tenerife popular festivals

Reyes Magos: The festival to three Holy Kingsis celebrated each January 5th with a parade on horseback around Santa Cruz and other locations. The three kings are for Spanish children as Santa Claus is for American counterparts. Fiesta de San Antonio Abad: The celebration in honor to this patron (the Patron Saint of Arona) is celebrated during mid-January, especially in southern side of Tenerife where people performs folk music and rural activities.

Musica de Canarias: Itís a Music Festival,for music lovers of the island that takes place in late January or Early February since 1985.

Carnaval: Itís the most impressive spectacle in Tenerife and takes place in mid-February of each year and in every corner of Tenerife, but although the effort that people put in the preparation, Santa Cruz is the best place for Carnival and thatís why it was declared a Festival of international Interest. People spend weeks, and months to prepare their costumes, and dances and art manifestation awaiting anxiously the Carnival. The whole week that takes the Carnival youíll enjoy of several activities, among the most popular and entertaining we can list:
  • Carnival Tuesday: Itís one of the best moments of the festival; youíll enjoy the most dynamic rhythms and the happiness of people with elaborated costumes.

  • Entierro de la Sardina: This event represents the end of the festival. People construct a giant Sardine and they carried it on a throne through main streets. People play a satirical drama, in which all lament the passing away of the sardine dressed with uncommon outfits such as monks, pregnant man, priest, and even popes.

  • PiraŮachica: Itís the truly end of the festival, the PiraŮachica boasts parades, parties, fireworks.

Festival of Tenerife
Tenerife festivals

Pascua: The Holy week, itís a big celebration in the entire Spain, and faithful Tenerife people organize processions. La Laguna hosts the most impressive celebration in the season and tourists consider it as a highlight.

Fiestas de la Cruz: The Festival of the Cross is celebrated in early May in all Tenerife, especially in Santa Cruz, where people decorate the crosses with flowers and people dances, play music and are dressed with typical costumes.

Corpus Christi: Itís another religious celebration that takes place every June and commemorates the institution of the Eucharist. Youíll see different parades and processions with colorful carpets of flowers.

Nochebuena y Navidad: Celebrations for Christmas Eve and Christmas are family-oriented in which all members of family gather together to share huge amounts of food and drinks. Special celebrations in several places of Tenerife include a dance: the baile del NiŮo, that consists in a dance of groups dressed with traditional outfits to the rhythm of traditional music; other places organize nativity scene competitions and concerts.

There are a lot of events and celebrations more, especially those in honor to patron saints of cities and districts of the Island. You cannot miss to participate to these events and enjoy of Tenerife culture.

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