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Tenerife Travel Guide

Eating in Tenerife

Eating in Tenerife as in any part of Spain is a quite easy activity due to all the options that one may find, but we want to make of your eating experience a wonderful experience in which you can learn and taste some of the culture of this destination, and this will be possible only with the appropriate information on what to eat and where to eat. Usually, surely, finding this type of information is a dirty job, but someone has to do it and finally provides you only selected information for your behalf.

Eating is an important part in a vacation, for sure, and Tenerife makes of this a party, with its abundance of fruits, vegetables and seafood, which combined can satisfy any budgets and tastes. Tenerife recipes are famous for the seafood, whether a meal with fish, crustations or mussels they all have good standards, so whether youíre in a Gourmet food or a fast food you wonít be disappointed with your choice. Cuisine is also characterized by the famous Tapas, which are displayed in bars top, so you can order one just by pointing to what you want and itíll be served to you, in three possible sizes: a porcion (small piece), media racion (medium piece) or a racion (a large piece).

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Tenerife restaurants also have international cuisine included in its specialties ranging from Italian recipes, Mexican recipes, French recipes, American recipes, South American recipes, Japanese recipes, Chinese recipes, Lebanese recipes, Indian recipes and British recipes; and you donít have to worry if there are enough restaurants or if they will be crowded because according to surveys there are almost one restaurant for every seven residents and they range from restaurants tipicos, superb five-star and others pretty simple.

If you want a cheaper food and your budget doesnít allow you to contact a luxurious restaurant, youíll find several bars or restaurants in main petrol stations where you can find excellent food at low prices.

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