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Tenerife Travel Guide

Caleta Adeje

Calete Adeje - Tenerife The Caleta beach is located in the coastline of Adeje; it is a small fishing village well-known for its restaurant near the beach with direct access to the sea, with delicious fresh seafood. The Caleta Adeje beach features facilities such as bars, parking, and access for people with disabilities, restaurants, parasol rental, and water games and sports facilities. Caleta Beach offers many wonderful landscapes and terrific sunsets.

The beach touristic area is well-equipped and fit to receive thousands of people. This place is ideal to take a sunbath or learn tosail. The weather conditions are perfect to visit itall year and its calmed sea makes it perfect for swimming or practicing water sports. Its golden sand and numerous rock formationsmake its unforgettable scenario.

Caleta is the largest playa in Adeje and there’s always a bus line from the main cities of Tenerife that takes you here.

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