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Tenerife Travel Guide

Puerto de la Cruz

Teide Tenerife Tenerife is considered a Paradise, filled with a large range of tourist attractions; its beautiful municipalities and cities are solid proof of this. One of the most amazing Tenerife’s Municipalities is definitely Puerto de la Cruz.

Puerto de la Cruz is a beautiful municipality belonging to the Spanish province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, situated on the north coast of the Tenerife Island and covering an area of approximately 8.73 km2. Despiteit is the smallest municipality of the Canary Islands, its population is about 32.571, according to INE (National Institute of Statistics), making it one of the most populated in the island.

Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife The origins of this amazing area dates back to the XVI century, when there already existed smalls towns mainly engaged infishing. While local commerce grew this region become increasingly important. In 1706,it became the main port of the island since a volcanic eruption had destroyed Garachico. Sugar commerce gave way to wine and other types of commerce developed as well, leading to a great age of social and economic development for this region.

Puerto de la Cruz is a region with many traditions and holidays. The best place to start yourvisit is definitely the old town with many typical constructions and several traditional colonial-style bars, restaurants and hotels. The Port and “LoroParque” are also important places to visit; LoroParque is a theme park where you can enjoy amazing shows with exotic animals such as dolphins, orcas, sea lions and parrots.

So, if you are looking for one of the best options to spend a pleasant time with your family and friends, Puerto de la Cruz will provide you a large variety of tourist attractions, good environment and of course friendly people for an unforgettable holyday.

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