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Tenerife Travel Guide

Los Gigantes

Spain can offer a large range of tourist attractions, beautiful cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands are proof of this. Among the Canary Islands, we can find Tenerife that is considered by tourist as a paradise with incredible palms, beaches, birds, flora and fauna. One of the most amazing Tenerife’s regions is known as “Los Gigantes”.

Gigantes Tenerife Los Gigantes is one of the main Tenerife’s tourist destinations, located only 130 Km from the capital. Its main features are definitely the giant rock formations, approximately 800 meters high. These amazing cliffs can be seen from long distances, but the best way to enjoy its beauty is undoubtedly being close to it, making this experience difficult to forget.

It is common to see scuba divers and tourists from all over the world making excursions and exploring the Tenerife’s deep waters. The access is bit difficult, and the only way to get is by boat, but once you are there you will realize your true size and you will get amazed with the beauty of these natural formations.

Los gigantes - Tenerife Another interesting feature of this region is the beach that, unlike beaches from other regions, has black sand. This strange but beautiful beach is located between the rocks and the marina, which is a beautiful boulevard with many restaurants and bars where tourist and locals enjoys pleasant moments before or after visiting the rocks.

The best moment to visit Los Gigantes is definitely during summer, you can enjoy the cliffs and the soft Tenerife’s weather, as well as the beaches and of course, the festival celebrated in February. Amazing cliffs, beautiful beaches, friendly people and soft weatherare only a few of the features you will find in Tenerife, what are you waiting for?This is the perfect place to visit, Tenerife.

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