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Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife Travel Guide - Travel to Tenerife

Lagos Martiánez Tenerife is definitely one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of its white sandy beaches and perfect warm water all year round. It is actually an important part of the Canary Island and the territory includes a powerful volcano with 3718 meters named “El Teide” located at the center of the island as well as vast valleys with fertile plantations of tomatoes and bananas.

The island is blessed with a total area of 2034.38 kilometers. The population is about 906,854 inhabitants, approximately. That is why the island is considered as the most populated of the Canary Islands. The island comprehends a total of 31 municipalities that are perfectly divided and organized. Many foreigners visit Tenerife to have fun and relax. We are talking about five million people that visit the island each year.

Visiting the Island

Most beaches are strategically situated in tourist resorts and are really easy to locate. Tourists can find many facilities which include restaurants, hotels, sun beds, shaded areas and showers. Furthermore, visitors have the possibility to practice a large number of sports such as hiking, golf, sailing, diving, fishing, paragliding and cycling. The nightlife is quite interesting as well because the island possesses many cabaret bars, clubs, cocktail bars and nightclubs.

Playa Jardín The majority of beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag; it means that it has a uncontaminated environment and clean waters. The island is the only one that has two international airports.

Even though the tourism industry has supported the development of the island during the last centuries, the natural sceneries have been changing drastically into urban spaces and now they are considered as one of the most modern islands in the Mediterranean area. There is a traditional atmosphere touch in many towns in the north and a cosmopolitan style in several places in the south.

Finally we have to mention the exquisite historical legacy of the city center. Visitors can see magnificent constructions that have a singular architectonic style.

Festivals and Celebrations

As in any other Spanish city, the festivals are an important part in the city during the entire year. We can mention the largest festival in the world that is called the Santa Cruz Carnival of Tenerife. In fact, this festival is aspiring to be a World’s Heritage patrimony.

Other festivals are: The San Antonio Abad Festival in January, the sacred Holy weekend in April, Romeria de la Virgen de Fatima in May, the Corpus Christi in June, the Virgen del Carmen Festival in July and the Fiestas del Santo Cristo in September just to mention a few.


Internationally known as the "Island of Eternal Spring",the island enjoys a warm weather all year round. Its average during Winter is of 20 to 22°C, and during Summer, it fluctuates from 26° to 28°C.

This is an island of great weather contrasts; you may enjoy a warm sunshine on the coast while within just miles, other areas are being coveredin snow. This occurs especially during winter.

Tenerife represents the economic engine of the Canary Islands. Tourism employment has remained stable for decades and it represents a great opportunity for people who want to work such as hotel Receptionist, Restaurant staff or travel agent. If you’re interested in being a receptionist, you’ll probably need to type about 65wpm. Employers are looking for people who can type Spanish quickly so they can take dictation and quickly input information into the computer. This Online Spanish typing test is designed to accurately measure and assess your typing speed and skill level.

Top Attractions



The island is well-known to have legendary beaches, with hundreds of kilometers of sandy coastline.
Teide National Park

Teide National Park

The main attraction is undoubtedly el Teide, the highest mountain and the largest volcano in Spain.
Pyramids of Güímar

Pyramids of Güímar

The Pyramids of Güímar are six rectangular pyramid-shaped, terraced structures built from lava stone, without the use of mortar.



Most shopping streets are in a pedestrian zone, so it's a pleasant activity to walk and take your time while shopping.


This Carnival is, in fact, the second most popular, colorful and shinning after the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.


The local cuisine is varied, from the extraordinary and tasty tapas to exotic dishes with close relationship with South American cuisine.

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